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 T.O.S TOTAL ORAL SOLUTION T.O.S - Herbal Toothpaste Gel 85 gm

TOS Tooth Paste 
T.O.STRICLOSAN FREE: Most of the “germ” fighter toothpastes use Triclosan. PARABEN FREE: Most of the toothpastes have Methyl Paraben and Propyl Paraben as the preservatives. T.O.S does not have them. FLUORIDE FREE: Most of the toothpastes have Fluorides as part of their ingredients as it helps to prevent tooth decay.

BV : 1 SP : 125
Fights plaque and prevents bad odour
1. Astringent, Antibacterial, Antiseptic and Analgesic properties.
2. Keeps gum healthy.
3. Prevents gum diseases, cavities and tooth decay
4. Prevent bad breath, Keeps Freshness for longer period
5. Cooling effect with germ protection
6. Perfect dental care for gums and teeth
Unique Combo of 14 Herbs and 5 Oils in T.O.S:
1. Neem: Age old remedy for dental health problems. Is effective in reducing Plaque, and reduces the amount of bacteria which help in plaque formation.
2. Babul: Strengthens loose teeth, reduces gum bleeding.
3. Mayukam: Reduces bad breath, toothache and strengthens tooth root.
4. Khadira: Helps reduce dental caries (cavities), which are caused by bacterial effect. Reduces Stomatitis (inflammation /sore mouth).
5. Meswak: Anti decay and anti-mouth ulcer. Is an effective antifungal/antibacterial.
6. Bakul: Bakula is one of the herbs mentioned in all ancient scriptures of Ayurveda and has been used for medicinal purpose, since centuries. 
7. Vajradanti: The word Vajradanti (thunder teeth)-means that it strengthens teeth and make them as tough as the diamond.
8. Daruharidra: Daruharidra is a natural anti dote for toxicities.
9. Akarkara: Indian medicinal plant for tooth ache.
10. Vidanga: One of the most powerful anti-parasitic herb of Ayurveda. Helps relieve dental caries and bad breath.
11. Nirgundi: Nirgundi is the herb of choice to improve immunity of body as it is the richest source of stable vitamin C.
12. Lodhra: Strengthens the gum.
13. Pudhina: Synonymous to freshness, Mint or Pudhina kills bacteria in the mouth preventing tooth decay, beats bad breath and keeps your tongue and teeth clean naturally.
14. Ela:  Also known as Elettaria cardemomum is among the best Ayurveda herb for digestive system, bad breath and for nutritive purpose.
With 5 essential oils:
1. Clove Oil
2. Cinnamon Oil
3. Erimedadi Oil
4. Spearmint Oil
5. Lemon Grass Oil

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