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The Most effective Entrance Coaching Tool!

We Learn PEC is an easy to use learning app designed by a group of Educationist, Teachers and Trainers. The content used for each subjects are created by well experienced faculties and teachers from Kota, Rajasthan. Most of them are authors and teachers and currently working as teachers in the topmost entrance coaching centers in Kota and Indore. (Resonance, Allen and Career Point). The software is available in Windows and it is a highly effective tool as it is very user friendly, cost effective and result oriented. There are numerous features and benefits that come with We Learn PEC and here is the list of few reasons why you should choose this application as your learning partner.  

BV : 100 SP : 15000

1. More than 60000 questions and Detailed Solutions


2. If the product is installed and licence key is activated cannot be replaced or refunded


3. Unlimited Mock Test in Medical and Engineering Package: Get the feel of real Entrance exam by practicing the mock tests.


4. Chapter Wise Mock Tests: Flexibility to create chapter wise mock Tests and students can choose chapters from multiple subjects.


5. Customized worksheet: will help you to master the easy, moderate and the difficult questions.


6. Effortlessly Personalized Learning: Help you to understand in which area you need more focus

and give you the same type of questions until you are confident to get it right.


7. Target oriented study plan: Set your daily /weekly /monthly study target and track your progress.



8. Save your time and energy: No traveling to coaching centers and use that time and energy productively with EC Entrance App.


9. Cost effective: Cost-effective and affordable to make the most of your education budget. On average coaching centers charge 50000 to 75000Rs fees for a year apart from the additional expenses incurred on travel, hostel etc. save your time, money and energy.


10. Anytime and anywhere study: Replace many text books with an easy-to –use App that lets you access them from anywhere.


11. Flexibility: Use it in Laptop/Desktop/or an Android Tablet or Phone.


12. No Wi-Fi? No internet access required, all content is available offline.



13. Revision Notes: Thousands of topic wise revision notes and important points help you in the last minute preparation to recollect what you have learned.


14. Time Management: Learn how to manage your time to get the highest score by practicing countless timed practice questions and worksheets.



15. Hassle free learning: Customized easy to learn App will help you to be a topper in all the entrance exams.


16. Track your daily progress: know where you are and set your target. Make your study more systematic and strategic.



17. All in one study App: Prepare for any medical or Engineering Entrance Exams in India 


18. Personalized Learning: Since the unit test or worksheets are customized and personalized, it helps you to learn and master your subject


19. Friendly Support Team: Efficient & friendly support team


20. Realistic Practice: You get real time practice and experience for all major entrance exams.



21. Parents Alert and Monitoring system: Parents could view the study progress of their kid, login frequency, Lessons completed, Subjects Mastered and the total time utilized for each subjects.


22. Detailed chapter summary: All the notes in the app are prepared by subject experts with years of experience and the high quality of the content will help you to be a topper in Board exams and the Entrance exams.



23. Relevance: Each question is marked with its relevance and helps the student to understand the importance of each question.


24. Video Lessons: There are more than 3500 topic wise videos Lessons and each of these lessons will help the student to get in-depth knowledge and insight on the topic. Once you see the video lesson, the concept will be indelibly registered in your brain.








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